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Underfloor Heating Systems

Warm water underfloor heating (“UFH”) is an efficient method of space heating used widely instead of a conventional radiator system.

Low profile underfloor heating systems such as Nu-Heat’s Lo-Pro can be fitted onto existing floors for retrofit projects raising the floor level by as little as 15 mm.

  • Underfloor heating tubes are laid under the floor meaning the heating system is invisible freeing up wall space
  • The large surface area of UFH means that a lower flow temperature can be used to heat the space, so it is more efficient than a conventional radiator system
  • There are no hot surfaces
  • Heat is gently emitted upwards from the floor giving a luxurious “warm feet” feeling with none of the cold spots and draughts common with radiator systems
  • UFH can be used all year-round in combination with weather compensation, which will automatically adjust flow temperatures to suit the weather outside
  • Because it uses low flow temperatures, UFH works particularly well in highly insulated buildings and with heat pump technologies.

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