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RENEWABLE ENERGY - collected from resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale...


Wood fuel is carbon neutral and renewable and can be used on demand unlike other forms of renewable energy such as wind and solar. It offers a real competitive alternative to fossil fuels such as oil, LPG, electricity and even gas, particularly in rural areas where there is often no mains gas.

Wood has always been used as fuel, but now state-of-the-art boilers offer a much more efficient and convenient way to burn it. Biomass boilers generally burn either wood chip, wood pellets or logs, or in the case of dual boilers, both logs and pellets.

State of the art, highly efficient and compact biomass boilers offer:

  • Very low emissions and quiet operation
  • Automatic ignition, combustion control, cleaning and ash removal
  • Maximum reliability and extensive safety concepts
  • Online monitoring and operation from your PC, tablet or phone
  • Weather compensation
  • Automatic status messages (e.g. empty ash box, minimum fuel level reached) via text or e-mail
  • Low electricity consumption
Wood - Pellet

Wood - Pellet

This is the most convenient form of wood fuel, but is more expensive than wood chip. Wood pellet boilers can operate fully automatically as would an oil boiler. Pellets can be purchased in bags or delivered to you in bulk and blown into a purpose built pellet store.

As long as a vehicle the same size as a bin lorry can get to your property and you have enough space to install the pellet boiler itself, a buffer store and a pellet store, then pellets can be used to replace fossil fuels.

Wood - Logs

Wood - Logs

The cheapest form of wood fuel with no purpose-built fuel store required other than an outside space to store logs

Advanced boilers come with optional automatic ignition, meaning that as long as logs are loaded into the burning chamber, they will be automatically lit when the heating system is calling for heat.

Wood logs can also be used in a combined log / pellet boiler giving the ability to burn pellets instead of logs if required.

Wood - Chips

Wood - Chips

Wood chip is an ideal wood fuel for farms as handling and storage requires farm machinery and suitable outbuildings for storage, however, it can be a cheap form of wood fuel, particularly if you are using your own woodland.

Specialist contractors can be brought in to chip seasoned timber and blow it into a storage barn. It can then be transported by trailer/ tipper to your working chip store as required. By sizing the chip store correctly, filling intervals can be minimised.

Wood chip can also be delivered and blown into your chip store meaning that this type of fuel can also be used for other commercial buildings.

Associated Products

Heat Cabins

Heat Cabins

Our Heat Cabins can be delivered to your property and quickly linked in to your existing system with minimal disturbance, allowing you to convert to a renewable heating system almost immediately.

Heat cabins can be manufactured in a kW output and fuel source to suit your particular project.

  • Systems can be remotely monitored to ensure maximum efficiency and reduced downtime
  • Quick installation with minimal disturbance
  • Cabins come with a steel base, fully insulated and fire-resistant floor, walls and roof
  • Optional solar thermal or solar photovoltaic panels can further enhance efficiency
  • Regular maintenance checks and annual servicing options available
  • External finish can be tailored to your particular requirements including optional sedum roof

Pellet Stores

Pellet Stores

These can be purpose built in our workshop and delivered for assembly on site

  • Specifically designed to suit the kW output of your pellet boiler
  • Can be designed to fit into an existing outbuilding or garage or can be standalone, similar in appearance to a garden shed
  • A variety of wood cladding finishes are available as well as a sedum roof or wood shingles
  • The size is calculated to minimize the number of annual pellet deliveries required therefore reducing your fuel costs

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